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HM2742 is a high-efficiency and high-precision non-isolated step-down switch Power constant voltage control driver chip. Suitable for 85VAC~265VAC Non-isolated Buck topology with full range input voltage, especially suitable It is used to drive power supplies such as small household appliances and white goods. HM2742 integrates a 500V power switch inside, adopting a unique constant Voltage control mode, the system can work in inductor current discontinuous mode and Inductor current continuous mode. The scheme design is flexible, the peripheral application is simple, Can use lower system cost to make greater output power. HM2742 has multiple protection functions, including VBP clamp circuit, VBP under-voltage protection, output short-circuit protection, overheating protection and other functions, Strong reliability.

● Unique constant pressure control Can work stably in DCM and CCM
● Unique digital control without loop compensation
● Integrated 500V power tube
● Integrated high voltage power supply
● Wide input voltage
● Output short circuit protection
● Over temperature protection
● VBP clamp, undervoltage protection
● SOP8 package


Part Name
Non-isolated step-down LED constant current driver chip
High Power, Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Step-Down Controller
Linear Technology
Universal Constant Current Control 1 Channel and 2 Channels The Smallest and Low Profile Constant Current Control 0 - 2.0A, up to 35V, with 170W/in3 Power Density and High Efficiency
Vishay Semiconductors
LED Driver IC with TRIAC Dimming, Single-Stage PFC and Constant Current Control for Non-Isolated Applications
Power Integrations, Inc
Constant-Current/Constant-Voltage 1.4MHz Step-Up DC/DC Converter
Linear Technology
Constant-Voltage/Constant-Current Control IC
SANYO -> Panasonic
Non-isolated Buck LED constant current controller
Bright Power Semiconductor
Constant-Current/Constant-Voltage Battery Charger with Preset Voltage and Termination Flag
Linear Technology
Step-down DC/DC Converters(Non-isolated)
ROHM Semiconductor
Step-down DC/DC Converter(Non-isolated)
ROHM Semiconductor

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